Corporate Social Responsibility is a philosophy that is a part of our value system. We like to perform for ourselves but truly believe in giving back to the society.

At Orchard, our Pushkar resort, 90% of our staff is from the neighboring Ganahera Village and other surrounding areas. They are trained in all aspects of hospitality and empowered to be the best possible hosts to clientele from across the world. We take things a step further by additionally ensuring that this resort is also an eco-resort, practicing sustainable-tourism that has a minimal carbon footprint. Since we are surrounded by farmland, we also encourage organic farming. All this makes for a healthy and fun time for our patrons, and preserves & nurtures our planet!

Another cornerstone belief at CHIME is education. We feel education is the only path to a better future, and to true upliftment. We have adopted a local school in Pushkar and contribute to the daily lunches provided to students and also work towards the general upkeep of the school.

One more initiative we are proud of is our involvement in the day to day running of The Oxford Square. This NGO provides free and quality education to children living in slums and other under-privileged children in a safe and clean environment. Amongst other things, we provide them with reading and writing material. Knowledge meets care. We are also associated with the Faith Foundation, an NGO dedicated to providing means of financial independence to destitute and widowed women. The organization also helps children living in slums, giving them the opportunity to attend school.

At the end of the day though, we are part of a large travel company, and hence, wildlife conservation is a cause extremely close to our hearts. We are currently associated with TOFT, an international advocacy group that promotes responsible tourism. With them, we campaign to Save the Tiger and other Indian wildlife species and their habitats. Similarly, we endorse SoS's Bear Rescue Village that works for the humane treatment of bears.

Corporate Social Responsibility isn't something that is thrust on us. We feel privileged to be in a position to help, contribute, and patronize the good work that is being done to make our beloved planet, an even better place for one & all.

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