Travel, Logistics & Manpower

We excel in providing options and suggestions for offbeat destinations, hotels and activities as a one-stop shop, to add that extra element to your off-sites and picnics, including team building, interactive sessions, DJ parties, live bands and plenty more tailored and innovative options.

  • Air, Train & Road, Airport Assistance
  • We will draw up detailed transport plan for the entire event and reserve required number of coaches/cars for airport transfers, shuttle services, social functions, accompanying persons programme
  • Liaise with the traffic police for parking permissions and regulating the traffic
  • Daily coach movement schedule for shuttle services between hotel to venue
  • Airport representative for facilitating delegates
  • Handover of information brochure to each guest


Planning an incentive trip to promote your brand image and reward people for their hard work? Let CHIME take care of your requirements. From planning assistance, budgets, location selection, experiences, local visits, hotel accommodations to travel, we will take care of everything and coordinate seamlessly with your staff as well as with tour participants to enhance your image, offering value for money. We arrange tours for your employees, dealers and agents to reward them for their hard work and create memorable customer experiences every time. Our magical geniuses throw in all the colours of life and spice up your incentive tours to a level that leaves participants richly satisfied with a deep sense of gratitude and a greater than ever commitment to your success. This is what makes us the niche and preferred MICE tour operator in the country!


As a premium destination management company, we can offer you an adventure like no one else can. Our in-house specialists can tailor make niche holidays and unique itineraries at exceptional rates. India, UAE, Bhutan, Sri Lanka or Nepal…experience them like never before with our high-end individual travel or special interest groups. Our expert guides ensure that you don’t bother about bookings or even currency exchanging. Let us handle your rest with our best!


CHIME operates unique academic travel programs with the right mix of learning and fun. As a market leader, we provide logistics, travel support and specialist programs for various Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA, EMBA, Recruitment Tours & Study Programs.
Our specialist team, in addition to ground travel requirements, can assist your University group in:

  • Liaison with NGOs pan India and arrange learning modules in various fields like social/public healthcare, sanitation and hygiene; women empowerment, human trafficking, urban and rural education etc.
  • Plan visits to Industrial houses, Corporate Multinationals in diverse sectors like Automobile, FMCG, Manufacturing, Private & Public Healthcare Units and Hospitals, Schools (Public & private), IT Parks and CSR activities.
  • Organize management classroom sessions in leading institutes like Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon, National Management School Chennai, and others across the country.
  • Bring India alive for students! We organise hands-on activities like culinary experiences, exposure to Indian culture, History, Traditions and Culinary experiences.
  • Team Building activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, cycling tours and other adventure activities.
  • At the end of a tour, you can even take some time off and soak up all that leisure thatndia has to offer with visits to popular destinations like Agra, Jaipur, Goa and Kerala.
  • Recruitment Tours, Fairs and Road-Shows – Asian students are increasingly looking towardspursuing their further studies abroad. CHIME’s Recruitment Tours, Fairs and Road shows are designed to help you tap into the market. We will enable you to come face to face with prospective students and help them understand your country and the opportunities it offers.

We offer innovative strategies, first in class services and results!



India – A Goldmine of Opportunity

India has arrived, and the world is hungrier than ever for a piece of this great civilisation. A billion people, over 800 languages, cacophony, chaos, all part of its arsenal of charms. From the highest mountain, to the deepest oceans straddle all corners of this mini-continent. Unlimited expeditions, limitless exploration. This heady mix of sights sounds and experiences can be yours with CHIME! Friendly and Well-versed in languages and locations, our Guides / Execution officers take care of themundane details so you can experience the magnificent to the sublime with our:

  • Culture Tours
  • Wilderness Safaris
  • Study Tours
  • Heritage Tours
  • Wellness Tours
  • Spiritual Journeys
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • Culinary and Art Tours
  • Safaris and Soft Adventure Tours

UAE – The World’s Stage

UAE is not just the glitz and glamour of Dubai. Its a vast, versatile, and wealthy captive audience. The Middle East, along with its indigenous population of 10 million already comprises 90% expats; as well as its foreign audience that comes in by the droves, presents an un-missable opportunity for business. Steady growth, world class facilities, and most crucially, Asia’s link to the Western World, the UAE brings you & your world, onto the world stage. And CHIME, with a suite of professional services, can make the UAE stage, yours!


NEPAL – A Higher Calling

Nepal, wondrous, luminous, enchanted, enlightened. Think of this entire country as a spa for your soul. Here, the spiritual is the divine. Monasteries bask in the glory of immense mountain tops. Mesmerizing marketplaces are cradled by the scenic valleys. Water, in all its might, runs wild and fresh, through streams, rivers and lakes. And CHIME helps you immerse yourself in this ancient wisdom of Nepal, where the healing begins the moment you set foot here, and you are guaranteed to leave, spellbound.


Bhutan – Gateway to Happiness

Set high amidst the clouds is this ancient, enigmatic Buddhist Kingdom. A harbinger of peace, tranquillity and happiness; the morale and outlook of the people of Bhutan, is infectious. With CHIME, you can experience it all! The stunning natural landscape, which grips you, and is a feast for the trekking aficionado. The nature lover in you that will be awestruck with Bhutan’s wealth of flora & fauna. While the dormant, somewhat shut-down city-dweller in you, will awaken to a new dawn, to a new reality, to a new you!


Sri Lanka – Oceanic Bliss

Sea, sun & serenity.. This Tourmaline Jewel is a stone’s throw from India, and one that CHIME gives you unprecedented access to. Bid your blues adieu as you go Blue Whale spotting. Rejuvenate your fatigued soul as you sip a cool cocktail along the crystal clear waters. And feed your soul to your heart’s content as you tuck into the pristine & delectable coastal cuisine of this beautiful land. Leisure, like no other.


Event Book

An Events roster as enviable as ours is a matter of great pride for CHIME. And it is in that spirit we share it. But, the main point here is INNOVATION. Many can organize a good conference, a satisfactory meeting. But we pride ourselves on perfectly executed events that are at the forefront of ‘thought & innovation’. So before you view the many coveted brand-names we have created Event Experiences for, do read a great example of that out-of-the-box-CHIME-thinking, is our
proposed Dabbawala Experience!! Tailor-made, Authentic, Powerful.


Dabbawala Experience!!

They have been called the lifeline of Mumbai, India’s Financial Capital. n 2010, Harvard Business School added the case study The Dabbawala System: On-Time Delivery, Every Time to their compendium for its high level of service with a low-cost and simple operating system. These men in White, The Dabbawalas, have been following this highly specialized trade and have become the identity of the city. For over a century their job is to carry and deliver freshly made food from people’s homes to their offices. Would you like to join in on their daily adventures? Richard Branson and Prince Charles have enjoyed spending time with them, and now you can to. Spend a day with the dabbawala and see them work,up close and personal. Here’s how the day goes:

  • Report to our Mumbai office or you can even go directly to your assigned Dabbawala’s home at the assigned time.
  • Travel with the Dabbawala to the customer and collect the lunchbox.
  • Travel in the local train to the destination station.
  • Help out with the sorting and arranging with Dabbawalas.
  • Deliver the Dabba to customer.
  • You can then take a break and enjoy a packed lunch with the dabbawalas.
  • The procedure is then reversed as the empty Dabbas are collected from the offices and returned to the homes!

You can even pick and choose which part of the day you would like to be a part of, in case you have
prior commitments.