Top Talk

Prrithviraj Singh, Co-Founder & Director for CHIME says:
“Our positive work-ethics and sustainable tourism practices have given us a clear edge in our markets and won the confidence of our partners.The art of being creative at every step is fostered in each one of them. We fuel their aspirations, we support them in our own way to help them grow into responsible Event professionals, with the result that some of our team members have been with CHIME & EASTBOUND from the very beginning.”

Vineet Batra, Managing Partner for CHIME says:

“We believe that organizations grow when their people grow and hence we believe in investing in our people. We want our people to enthusiastically tread new paths, be solution seekers and come across as trusted consultants in this specialized area of business. Hence, we have nurtured an environment at CHIME which is conducive to this set of traits.”

The CHIME team helps ring in the values of delivering consistent quality, best practices, specialized inputs and best results. Known for our extensive market knowledge, we carry an attitude of partnership to drive seamless collaboration with our clients. We have the finest talent – well known achievers from all sectors of travel, hospitality who hail from multi-cultural backgrounds, and most importantly are passionate about travel and hospitality. The company is driven by a fully independent team of high value professionals empowered with decision making at all levels.

We are constantly on the lookout for talented, dynamic professionals, with whom we can build mutually beneficial and lasting relationships. If you are interested in associating with India’s most innovative Professional Conference Organizer, do get in touch with us at

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